Bible Survey

Imagine Yourself Clearly Understanding the World’s Most Important Book. Now you can unlock the secrets to understanding God’s Word and discover His plan for your life. In this innovative and enjoyable 8-session course, world-class Bible teacher, Bruce Wilkinson, distills the Biblical story-line, timeline, major characters, and movements into mind-easy and memorable segments. Building on four decades of powerful Bible teaching and training in every corner of the globe, this series is designed to connect your head, heart, and hands to rekindle your passion for God’s Word. Utilizing a variety of staging, inventive props, and digital effects, this course is terrific for a 5th grader, a senior citizen, or anyone in between.

How to Double Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity

In his story-driven, highly-motivating style, Bruce Wilkinson will equip you to accelerate the pace of productivity in your church, your business and every area of your life.

In this dynamic, 8-session Bible-based video course, Bruce explains the Biblical motivation for choosing to live a life of extraordinary productivity. You will learn the eternal significance of setting God-sized goals and also gain new, time-tested strategies that will have exponential results when applied.


One of the most revolutionary courses ever produced has to do with something hidden away in your heart, that affects you in ways that you never would have dreamed possible. In 70×7, you will discover what Jesus taught when He pulled back the division between Earth and Heaven and revealed what happens when someone hurts you, and when you have a wound in your heart and choose not to forgive. Bruce Wilkinson will teach you how to forgive other people in such a way that you will never have to forgive them again. If you follow the five secrets Jesus Christ gave about forgiveness, you just need to forgive them once – and it is gone.

What On Earth Is God Doing In My Life

In a rare moment, Jesus pulled back the veil between Heaven and Earth and revealed the stunning secrets of what His Father God was doing in the lives of His children. If you ever wondered why circumstances seem so troubling and wished you knew what God was doing in your life, then this course is for you. Taken from Dr. Wilkinson’s New York Times Best-selling book, Secrets of the Vine, this course will set you free to understand the “ways of God” in your life and draw you closer to Him as well! During this course you will identify where you are in your spiritual journey, and discover why you are on the path you are on. You will find the relief that can only come by understanding that the Lord’s discipline– is actually a mark of sonship. You will gain insight into the pain and pleasure of the carefully pruned life.

Anyone Can Become A Great Communicator

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to succeed time after time, while others always seem to fail? Communication is often the key. From Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation comes a highly educational and entertaining new 8-session Bible-based video course that will teach you tried-and-true skills to gain confidence and mastery in the area of communication.

Prepare to learn some mind-blowing Maxims and Methods about how learning takes place and what matters most in ensuring that your message is well received. Discover how great communicators use their body
language, their voice, their gestures, and their eyes to greatly enhance communication.


Foundations of Youth Ministry

Join Cassie Carstens as he passionately shares the biblical foundations for youth ministry.  Through this 8 Session course, you will learn the fundamentals needed to interact with today’s youth in a way they can relate to and how to reach them at different stages of their lives.  How to mentor and how to motivate while they feel safe and understood.

Become a Transformed Woman

Become a Transformed Woman, by author and teacher Darlene Wilkinson, is based on Romans 12:2a, And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You will learn how to deal with worry from God’s perspective, how to endure and overcome obstacles, and discover how to break free from sin. Using stories of Biblical women who endured and overcame many challenges, you will be renewed in your hope for  transformation. You will not only grow in your relationship to Christ, but become His emissary to a suffering world. God has uniquely blessed women with the gifts and talents they need to bring hope-filled transformation into their lives and the lives of those they connect with every day. And you can learn how to do that in this dynamic new series, Become a Transformed Woman.

DISCover Yourself and Others

Discover Why You Are the Way You Are and How to Best Relate to Others.

This 8 session Bible-based video series will open a world of opportunity, by revealing how you can build stronger, healthier relationships. Using a highly-effective personality discovery tool, Martin Deacon will help you learn about your own unique strengths and weaknesses that you bring to every relationship and task. You’ll improve relationships and recognize how God has given you the freedom to be exactly who you are made to be.

In an entertaining and enjoyable way, you will gain an understanding of those you regularly interact with, recognize why they behave the way they do and discover what is motivating them.

Equipping Leaders

Ever wondered what your legacy will be?

In this thought-provoking 8-session course, Coach Tom Mullins shares his years of practical experience to help you grow as a leader and teaches the principles that will help you establish a legacy that will impact generations to come!

But the buck does not stop there… Knowing that you will not be at the front end of your business forever, Tom shares with you how to find the next generation of leaders. How to motivate them to step up to the plate and evolve into the best leaders they can be, and then how to leave your legacy and hand over the baton so they too can finish the race.

Royal Lessons of Leadership

This gripping and thought provoking 8 Session DVD course will keep you so intrigued as Bishop Vincent Matthews Jr takes you on a 40-lesson journey into the lives and leadership of the kings of Judah from right inside the throne room.  How they lead and served their people, the great victories they celebrated as well as their disobedience toward God and how they suffered because of it. This course allows you to learn from the successes and failures of those who have gone before.

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