Discover How God is Shaping Your Life for His Glory

From Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation comes a course that will completely change the way you think about your relationship with God and what it means to live for His glory. In What on Earth Is God Doing in My Life? Bruce Wilkinson gives answers to this pressing question and this course will motivate you to connect with God on a deeper level. You will learn how God is glorified by you bearing MORE and MUCH fruit. In short, you will grow to pursue God and be on a joy-filled pathway of miraculous answers to prayer.

This 8-session Bible-based DVD course was developed by Dr Wilkinson, building on the concepts of his bestselling book, Secrets of the Vine. During the dynamic video sessions, he guides you to understand your spiritual journey and where you are on this journey. You will discover why you are on the path you are on and how to understand God’s discipline in your life and find peace in it.

Bruce uses a rare moment in the teaching of Jesus when He pulled back the veil to reveal the stunning secrets of what His Father, God, was doing in the lives of His children. By following the teaching, you will understand how you glorify God by bearing fruit and how God helps you to glorify Him even more by bearing MUCH fruit.

Lastly, you’ll find release in the knowledge that it is not up to your effort to bear fruit and glorify God but the key is to believe the words of Jesus when he said: “apart from Me you can do nothing”.

So, if you want to abide more deeply and find the answer to the question: What on Earth Is God Doing in My Life? this course will give you practical information on how to do just that!

  • Session One: What on Earth is God Doing in My Life? (54:20)
  • Session Two: Jesus Reveals What God is Doing in Your Life (38:40)
  • Session Three: What Does God Do in Your Life When You Fight Against His Plan for You? (46:35)
  • Session Four: How to Respond to God’s Chastening So You Will Bear Fruit (36:25)
  • Session Five: What Does God Do in Your Life When You Start Bearing Fruit? (40:55)
  • Session Six: How to Respond to God’s Pruning So You Can Bear More Fruit (41:25
  • Session Seven: What Does God Do in Your Life When You Bear More Fruit? (53:30)
  • Session Eight: How to Abide so You Will Bear Much Fruit (53:30)
  • Course Material Disc: Ads | Flyer | Poster | Promo Videos | Leaders Guide & More

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