Join Cassie Carstens as he passionately shares the biblical foundations of Youth Ministry. Through this 8 Session course, you will learn the fundamentals needed to interact with today’s youth in a way they can relate to and how to reach them at different stages of their lives. How to mentor and how to motivate while they feel safe and understood. Cassie will endeavour to ignite the passion again for that dream. You will hear inspiring stories from the “experts” and how they overcame some challenges and how you can overcome those barriers with lessons they have learned. Learn how to partner, connect and utilise resources to make a lasting impact in the leaders of tomorrow.

In this course:

SESSION 1: The Dream
SESSION 2: The Challenge
SESSION 3: The Secret
SESSION 4: The Connection
SESSION 5: The Call
SESSION 6: The Partner
SESSION 7: The Reservoir
SESSION 8: Stories of Hope

This course is best used as part of your Bible Schools Curriculum or even as a Bible Study. Why not recommend this to your youth leader or pastor for your next event.

Let us rise up and take back this generation, equipping them to be the best God intended them to be.

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